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Google™- Under 13? Not invited to Google+™

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wanted to buy a new cell phone and her thorough research for gadgets revealed her passion for technology. Gradually, she found her drawn to everything related to technology and her work which involves extensive research and writing on new gadgets, apps, and smarter use of technology. Careful, her mission is to manipulate technology-naïve women to juice up their ordinary lives with use of technology.

If there are any kids below the age of 13 reading this article then, you will be disappointed to learn that you cannot accept Google+ invites. If you do so mistakenly then all your Google accounts will be blocked, including Gmail, Google Docs. So if you are under 13, then it is certainly not a situation that you want to be trapped in by losing all the access to your Google account.

Creating a Google Account Requirments

Creating a Google Account Requires to Enter Your Birthday

Earlier when you used to register into any Google product such as Gmail or Google docs, you should be at least 18 years of age or more. But since July 2011, Google reduced to required age of using any of the Google product to 13. So if you are thinking of registering for Google+, make sure that you enter your age correctly, and are above the age of 13.

There are many critics in the industry that are now able to understand as to why Google has given a strict requirement for all it products. The answer to this is that there are many sites on the Internet that may not be the right place for your child to go to. But on the other hand e-mails are certainly not one of those grey areas where the parents might find that their child is in danger of any privacy violations. Though it is understood that Google has laid out these age restrictions in compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection, critics still argue that Google should make some of its services available to users under the age of 13, to read e-mails or access their accounts. That should certainly prove harmless.

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