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Telemarketing Calls Come Uninvited if you Respond to this fake E-mail


KFC Fake Email ScamLast week, you participated in a survey conducted by KFC, the world’s most popular chicken restaurant chain. Or that is what you would like to believe, as the e-mail that you received asked you a set of questions in a survey format and there was enough evidence that the surveyor is KFC and nobody else, as the mail had its logo and copyright. And so, you naively and painstakingly attempted each and every question and gave the answers to the best of your ability.

You might have felt like you have done KFC a favor by helping them get your side of the story and improve their quality of services. What you mightn’t have conceived is that your minor accomplishment would come crushing down so soon and with so many added perks. In your eagerness to complete the survey and do your bit, you failed to notice that the survey had few questions that had no reference to the chicken company; instead they were of other corporations. It didn’t even strike your mind that you were furnishing your e-mail ID, phone number, and home address. You must have felt that if you try a little harder, you can easily claim the $100 gift card that the company was offering. The end result; incessant telemarketing phone calls from companies that you have never even heard of in your life!

To tell you the truth, there is no gift to be won or lost and the e-mails that you received was not sent out by KFC. In fact, the parent company of KFC, YUM! Brands, has already distanced itself from the e-mail scam stating that they are in no way involved in any sponsored survey and the people who are using their logos are doing it illegally. Better Business Bureau (BBB) has also issued a warning in this regard cautioning people to be on guard against this e-mail scam, which it describes as a trick to extort information from you.

This e-mail scam definitely has the potential to throw your life off guard with all those irrelevant and irritating telemarketing calls. But, if you make it a point of not disclosing personal information until verifying the authenticity of an e-mail, you can easily keep troubles at bay. And yes, when somebody gives a payout for something as simple as a survey, there must be something fishy about it!

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