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View e-mails with Bionic contact lenses

Bionic Contact Lens
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“Bionic Contact lenses” is a new technology, which you would hopefully be able to see in near future. It would actually be a kind of virtual screen before your eyes for information display.

Wearing a pair of contact lenses is so common these days. It’s a chore for those who have low vision since they are accustomed of wearing it and a fashion accessory for others who like to change their eye color and make it attractive. Use of contact lenses seems to be limited till here but do you know in actual, it may go beyond your imaginations!

Well, in the world of computing and technology, seemingly impossible things happen usually. Now, it’s time for such a change in contact lenses, which will be used as a computer screen in near future. Yes! All that you saw in those science fiction movies will soon happen in real. These magical lenses called Bionic Contact Lenses will help projecting text as well as e-mail messages to the eyes of wearer. These lenses will help augmenting your eyesight with the images that are computer-generated. The information will be displayed on a kind of “virtual screen” before the wearer’s eyes. This will involve any kind of information such as weather, news, texts, maps as well as TV shows. E-mails are also one of the important information which can be viewed with these lenses.

The plastic lens has a sapphire LED and an antenna that is inserted into it. These lenses will only work within the diameter of wireless battery. The pair comprises of an antenna, which grabs power from external sources and transfers it to an integrated circuit. This circuit further transfers it to a sapphire chip which has LED and thereby creates the image of dot before eyes.

University of Washington is currently conducting tests on rabbits with the proto-type of these lenses. Bionic contact lenses are expected to take virtual video gaming to a different level altogether. Apart from this, the lenses will find numerous other applications in various domains.

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