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Export Address Book from Microsoft® Outlook Express to Windows® Live Mail

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Explain the benefits of exporting contacts from Microsoft Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail and how it can be done. What are the issues that may occur during the process and how can they be fixed?

Microsoft Outlook Express is a popular email program which is different when compared to the web mail which you access online. Microsoft Outlook Express would allow you to create simple messages for the automatic incoming mail filing. Microsoft Outlook Express would support S/MIME-encrypted emails and TLS/SSL encryption. Microsoft Outlook Express could handle the basics of Internet mail, including an address book, HTTP mail accounts, user created folders, message rules, and support for IMAP, POP3. Windows Live Mail has the ability to bring together multiple email accounts and calendar. You can also access and edit your email and calendar events even when you are offline. It would even help you to maximize your email security across the multiple email accounts. Windows Live Mail and Microsoft Outlook Express could be used for sending and receiving emails.

The following are the benefits of exporting Microsoft Outlook Express contacts to Windows Live Mail and the tips to fix issues that may arise while doing so:

  • Benefits of exporting
  • Way to export
  • Issues while exporting

Benefits of exporting

There are lot of benefits by exporting Microsoft Outlook Express contacts to Windows Live Mail. By doing so you would get all contacts of Microsoft Outlook Express in Windows Live Mail. Thus you could use the address of Microsoft Outlook Express in the Windows Live Mail also. You could even send messages to the users who were added in the address book of Outlook Express.

Way to export

In order to export Microsoft Outlook Express address book in to Windows Live Mail you need to follow certain steps. First you would have to open Microsoft Outlook Express and from file menu select Export and choose Address book. After that open the export tool and then select Text file and click on Export. Then depending on your configuration enter the file name and click next on the Export Window. By doing so export csv opens with a list of parameters so as to check the contacts. Finally click on Finish.

Issues while exporting

You would come across different issues while you are exporting Microsoft Outlook Express contacts to Windows Live Mail. Sometimes it might happen that exporting steps from been incomplete. Then this issue mainly occurs due to corruptions or due to incompatibilities between the applications. Also it is possible that the contact folder which you export contains no items or contacts in it. Thus it is always better to save the contacts in formats like CSV.

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