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How to Change Default font Size in Microsoft® Outlook 2003?

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Default font size in outlook 2003Outlook 2003 is a version of the highly popular e-mail management program from Microsoft. Outlook 2003 has a number of new features as compared to its older version. Like every other program in the Office productivity pack, Outlook 2003 also uses some default font sizes to display mails and messages and this can be changed using the available options. The options to change the font size in Outlook 2003 can be accessed via ‘Options’ menu. The users should select the mail format tab from the list. Selecting the ‘fonts’ option in the ‘mail format’ tab allows users to change the font size which is represented as numerals and increasing the number will increase the font size and vice versa. Selecting the required size and applying the settings will allow users to change the default font size in Outlook 2003.

Here is more on fixing font size in Microsoft Outlook 2003:

  • Update Outlook Program
  • Perform Registry Repair
  • Check for Conflicts and use Diagnostics Tool

Update Outlook Program
Minor glitches in Outlook 2003 can be the cause for issues that occur while changing or accessing the default font size settings of the program. All users having such problems are advised to perform an update of the program at the earliest, as doing so will help fix the bugs and vulnerabilities and solve issues with the font settings.

Perform Registry Repair
The registry of a computer stores all critical information regarding the working and installation of the programs running in the system and any issues with the registry will affect the working of critical programs like Outlook 2003. Outlook 2003 users who are facing issues with the font settings are advised to repair the system registry using suitable programs. Doing so will in turn help in fixing issues with the system and Outlook 2003 application.

Check for Conflicts and use Diagnostics Tool
The issues with Outlook 2003 font size settings might also be due to conflicts with the system. The users are strongly recommended to verify the system for any such problems and resolve them by removing conflicting programs during the period of operation of Outlook 2003. Users can also perform repair of the application using the Office diagnostics tool that is included with the application by Microsoft.

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