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Import .nk2 Files in Microsoft® Outlook 2007

Import .nk2 Files in Microsoft Outlook 2007-2
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So, you have upgraded from the present version of Microsoft Outlook to Microsoft Outlook 2007. And you want to enhance the efficiency of the Microsoft Outlook 2007 by importing .nk2 files which fetch Microsoft Outlook autocomplete feature. This feature improves efficiency of the present Microsoft Outlook 2007 version by displaying autocomplete list when you will type a recipient’s name or e-mail address. These .nk2 files will take over your task of remembering names and email addresses, all you have to do is to decide whom you want to send the mail. Once you enter two to three letters of the e-mail address, you will see list of suggestions. From this list you can select the desired e-mail address or addresses. All you have to do is press ‘Enter’. You might get dependant on autocomplete list of e-mail addresses. You can either choose to type first few letters of the nickname or the e-mail addresses.

Hence, when you upgrade Microsoft Outlook 2007, you need to add or import .nk2 files to Microsoft Outlook 2007.

How to get .nk2 files from previous Microsoft Outlook?
.nk2 files get stored differently on different versions of Windows operating system-based computers.

  • On a computer running Windows XP, these files are stored in this location:

Drive:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook   

  • On computers running Windows Vista or higher versions, you can find these files in this location:


How to import .nk2 to Microsoft Outlook 2007?
First, copy .nk2 files from older version to this folder named ‘Microsoft’. The file location would be ‘Drive:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft’. However, if you cannot find the folder under this path, then open Microsoft Outlook 2007. From ‘File’, click ‘Open’. Next, type in “outlook.exe /importnk2” and click ‘OK’. And you are done. Your e-mail contacts will be found from new mail messages. Try these steps and let us know if you find this information useful.

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