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Calendar Permissions in Microsoft® Outlook 2010

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Microsoft Outlook 2010 comes with lots of improvement over the previous versions. In addition to this, Outlook 2010 also integrates several advanced features to improve the performance of program. It is a powerful e-mail client from Microsoft and comes as a core application in Microsoft Office 2010 suite. Outlook 2010 works on both Windows and Mac OS X Operating System. One of the stunning features of Outlook 2010 is its sharing feature of Outlook calendars. We can grant permission to view calendars and can change the calendar permissions. Using Outlook 2010, we can easily grant permission to other users. We can also set different permission levels. By default, it is assigned as ‘None’.

Following are the ways to change calendar permission on Microsoft Outlook 2010:

  • Granting Permission
  • Features
  • Change Calendar Permission

Granting Permission
We can grant permission to other users to access Microsoft Outlook Calendars. Open “Microsoft Outlook” from the “Start” menu and click on “Tools” menu. Select “Options”, choose “Delegates” tab, and then click on “Add” button. In “Add Users” dialogue box, select the user that you want to grant permission from “Global Address” list. Click on “Add” and then “Ok”. Then, choose the type of permission you want from the drop down list. Click on “Ok”.

Granting permission to other users to access Outlook calendars are one of the amazing features offered by Outlook 2010. This collaborative feature allow read only and several advanced permission to the user. In Outlook 2010, the item is marked as private by default. Granting permission is not just sharing the calendars. It allow the user to grant additional permission such as creating e-mail messages, responding to meeting request, etc.

Change Calendar Permission
To share the calendars of Microsoft Outlook 2010, open Outlook 2010.

1. Click on the “Calendar” option.Calendar Permission 1

2. Right Click on the “Calendar” and select the “Properties”.Calendar Permission 2

3.  Select “Permission” and click on “Add”.

4. Search the name of user that you want to share the permission by in “Advanced Find” option.

5.After selecting the name of person, click on “Add” button and click “Ok”.

6. Then, from the drop down menu, you can choose the role of the permission you want. By default, it is “None“. Reviewer and Editor are some of the roles of permission levels. After selecting the role, click on “Apply” and click “Ok”.

Image Source- http://wiki.eits.uga.edu

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