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How to Fix Outlook 2010 Disconnected Status?

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Outlook 2010 Disconnected StatusMicrosoft Outlook 2010 is a more solid and robust e-mail client than its predecessor. However, the application is not immune to errors and issues. One such issue is Microsoft Outlook 2010 getting disconnected repeatedly. You may notice disconnected status of Microsoft Outlook 2010 and fail to send and receive mails. There are few probable reasons why such issues occur to Microsoft Outlook 2010.

Reasons of Microsoft Outlook 2010 disconnected issue
The disconnected status of Microsoft Outlook 2010 could be triggered by connectivity problems or power management options. It will notify you of a disconnected issue and will ask you to troubleshoot the problem.  Problems related to connectivity and power management problems with Microsoft Outlook 2010 can be solved by performing the following steps.

Steps to Troubleshoot the Issue

  1. First, Restart your computer.
  2. Check the  “internet connection” of the computer.
  3. Go to “Send/Receive” tab and check if the “Work Offline” option is selected.Work Offline in Outlook 2010Work Offline in Outlook 2010 2
  4. Close Outlook  and Open “Control Panel”.Control Panel
  5. In Control Panel Double Click the  ‘Mail 32-bit’ icon.Mail 32 Bit Icon
  6. Next, click “Email Account” option.Email Account Option
  7. Here, you can add or remove an e-mail account.
  8. Make sure you have selected “Use Cached Exchange Mode”.Use Cached Exchange Mode
  9. Now, under  the “Connection” tab, select “Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP”.Microsoft Exchange using HTTP
  10. Select the “Exchange Proxy Settings” Button.
  11. Make sure you have selected ‘On fast networks, connect using HTTP first, then using TCP/IP’ and ‘On slow networks, connect using HTTP first, then using TCP/IP’ options.
  12. Press “Ok”, “Finish” and “Close” in every dialogue box.

Fix the Issue Using Power Management Tools- 

  1. Select “Network and Internet” from “Control Panel”.
  2. Find and click “Network and Sharing Center”.Network and Sharing Center
  3. Select “Manage Network Connections”.
  4. Right-click on the default or existing network.
  5. Find “Properties “ and key in the administrator password if it is password .
  6. Go back to Windows desktop and click “Restart” from Start menu.
  7. Double-click Microsoft Outlook 2010 to test its connection problem.

Do you find these steps to troubleshoot Microsoft Outlook 2010 disconnected status problem effective and useful? Drop your comment or share steps of resolving this issue.

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    Fulen Wider

    I agree with you actually.. I personally suffered from a quite similar challenge and made use of the thing you had shown and yes it even did the trick like magic

    Zoe Smith

    I faced the same issue quite some time back but that time my friend helped me fixed the problem. Now, I am not sure whether this solution is going to help me or not but I can try it out if next time my Microsoft account gets disconnected or show any such status.

    Bruce Lynn

    After the “3. “Manage Network Connections” instruction, I am unclear what precisely to “right click” on to get the “Properties” option. I have been right clicking all over the Window and cannot find a “Properties” option that you allude to.

    Aria Watson

    Hi Bruce Lynn,

    As Harmeet mentioned above, After select manage network connections..Right click on default or existing network connections to find properties option.

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