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How to fix the ‘Microsoft Outlook application showing disconnection’ issue?

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Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular e-mail applications, used by users for effective communication and organizing e-mails in an easy manner. This e-mail application is set with a host of features that enable you to take care of your tasks and appointments, save drafts of mails to be sent to a large audience and at a time of your convenience, and do a plenty of other stuff in a hassle-free manner. However, at times the application may display a typical issue in which it will throw up an alert stating that ‘Microsoft Outlook is disconnected’.  This is a common error and will not let you send or receive mails till the time you have fixed it. Don’t worry if you are struggling with this issue; by following the simple steps mentioned here you will be easily able to resolve this and get your favorite e-mail application up and going.

Here’s what you can do:

Restart the PC

Typically, this error may occur all of a sudden and get resolved after you have restarted your PC. So, the ideal first step that you too can take to fix this error is to restart your PC like you usually do. Once the PC boots up, launch the application and check if it is now working fine. If it is, then go ahead and enjoy your work; however, if it isn’t working still, follow the steps provided below.

Restart the PC

Pinging the server

Ping is a command that can be used to test a connection and its speed between two networks – yours and another network on the Internet. In this case, you can ping the Exchange Server to check if everything is working fine with the server. To ping the server:

  • Access the Run utility on your PC and type “cmd” and click on “OK”.
  • The Command Prompt window will show up.
  • In the space where you have to type the command, type ‘ping’ and add the Exchange Server name and then press the ‘Enter’ key.
  • You will be displayed the responses; check if you have received any ‘Request Timed Out’ response. This message means that there is some problem with the network connectivity or the Exchange server.
  • To fix this error, you will have to contact the server team. If the responses show that the connection is good, go ahead with the rest of the fixes mentioned here.

Active Directory (LAN) account password reset check

  • The first thing that you will have to ensure in this is that the account is still functional.
  • Access the Active Directory and click on Users.
  • Scroll down to the particular user whose password you want to reset.
  • Click on the Reset Password option.
  • Confirm the new password by re-entering the same.

Tweak the Microsoft Outlook settings

In case you have incorrectly mentioned the username, password, or mail server address, the application will not be able to access the ISP’s server. This can trigger the disconnected issue in the program and prevent you from using it normally. To fix this issue, contact your ISP provider and get the correct details, which you can then furnish in your application and enable it to connect to the server easily.

Check if the program is in the Offline mode

Many a times, Microsoft Outlook may go into the offline mode accidentally or you may do it on purpose (if the location that you are working from doesn’t have a network connection) and later forget to enable the online mode on it. To roll back the settings,

  • Open the application.Outlook Work Offline
  • Go down to the bottom of the window and click on the “Disconnected” message that is displayed.
  • Once the context menu opens up, check if the checkbox near the ‘Offline’ mode is checked. If it is, de-select it to make it ‘Online’.
  • Even if you are unable to find the checkbox selected, select and de-select it once; this helps too.

Try starting the application in the Safe mode

To check if there are any other glitches on the application that could be setting off the ‘Microsoft outlook is disconnected’ issue, try to start the application in the Safe mode.  To do it:

  • Go to the “Start” button and launch the “Run” program.Safe Mode
  • In the dialog box that will now open, type “outlook.exe/safe” and press the Enter button on your keyboard.
  • If you think that the connection is any better, the issue could have been because of the installed “Add-ins”.
  • Disable all the unused and redundant add-ins and restart the application afresh.

Hopefully, the above mentioned steps should be able to rectify the disconnection issue in the Microsoft Outlook application and enable you to carry on with work as usual. Nonetheless, if there are any other issue or you feel that you are still finding it difficult to work on the application, call iYogi tech experts to provide you instant help and support. Our technicians are well versed to tackle all Microsoft Outlook issues and should be able to help you too. Keep our toll free number handy for calling us up to provide you technical assistance as and when you need it.

    Aria Watson

    Do you really think it is going to help because I am completely tired of this problem? Every time I try to connect Microsoft Outlook client to the server, it get discounted suddenly and frequently. This is really annoying, but I really hope that this solution helps me. I will try to change the settings; I think that can help.

    Caitlyn Dore

    Hi, thanks so much for the easy steps. They really helped me. Actually, even a simple restart could fix this issue is something I didn’t know of. I have bookmarked these fixes for future reference.


    Outlook never bothered me previously. I was happy using it until I met with the same disconnection issue you discussed here in the article. I could fix mine by trying out the ‘Try starting the application in the Safe mode’ point. Since I have some knowledge about working on the Safe mode, I could fix the issue in 5 minutes flat. Thanks for the recap.

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