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Microsoft® Outlook Express not receiving e-mails

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What are the reasons behind Microsoft Outlook Express not receiving any e-mails? How can the problem be rectified?

Microsoft Outlook Express is a personal data manager. It is included with the productivity suite of Microsoft Office. Microsoft Outlook Express comes with a calendar, Task Manager, Contact Manager, note taking and a journal. Address Book consists of a collection of addresses. When you type a name in the To, Cc, or Bcc box of e-mail, it automatically checks to see if the name you typed matches a name in the Address Book. There are several reasons for not being able to receive e-mails through the client. These reasons include temporary mail server problems, wrong Microsoft Outlook Express settings, exceeded space quota of the e-mail account, incorrect MX records of the domain.

Tips to resolve Microsoft Outlook Express not receiving e-mails problem is discussed below:

  • Check your mail server connectivity
  • Check the MX record of your domain name
  • Check e-mail Quota

Check your mail server connectivity

The standard server ports are designed for getting e-mails through POP3 or IMAP protocols. The ports of the e-mail client are port 110 and port 143 respectively. If you have troubles in receiving e-mails, it is recommend that you execute a telnet test of the connection on your system and the suitable port depending on the e-mail protocol your Microsoft Outlook Express is set with for receiving e-mails. If the connection test shows server side problems, you need to inform the problem with your ISP.

Check the MX record of your domain name

The Mail Exchange (MX) record is a division of your DNS zone and it is able to take decision about which server is currently handling your e-mails. If you find that it is configured incorrectly, you should contact your domain name registrar with a request to change this record with the correct one.

Check e-mail Quota

Exceeded quota of your e-mail account would make it impossible to receive further e-mail messages. You should either remove some of the old messages or increase the space quota of your e-mail account. To check each account’s disk usage you need to select Control Panel and select E-mail Accounts. After selecting the Current Accounts section you need to check the table. There is a column called Usage which gives information about the space usage of each mail account. In order to change the quota of an account you need to select the Current Accounts from the E-mail Accounts option and select the Functions column. Here you could see the option to change quota.

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