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Start Microsoft® Outlook® in Offline Mode

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Outlook in Offline ModeMicrosoft Outlook is a personal information manager with good features and applications. While working with MS Outlook 2007, the user feels enthusiastic as the features included are of superior quality. Microsoft Outlook 2007 and Microsoft Outlook 2010 are the revised editions of MS Outlook 2003 and these new editions come with advanced features and utilities. Outlook 2003 is also equipped with the offline mode facility and it works on the locally stored copy of the data, and regularly synchronizes this information back onto the server as soon as possible. If network is not connected for the user, then still it is possible to continue with MS Outlook. Any e-mails, which are send during this time remains in the Outbox until the user reconnect to the Internet facility whatever available. There are some problems reported regarding the offline facility of the Outlook 2003 and these things shall be analyzed and solved as soon as possible.

Following are the problem, reasons and tips and methods to get rid of the problem of starting offline mode in Microsoft Outlook 2003:

  • Problem
  • Reasons
  • Tips to solve

The manufacturers are given enough consideration in avoiding the faults in MS Outlook 2003 and they succeeded in establishing the later models such as MS Outlook 2007 and MS Outlook 2010 in almost trouble free manner. The problem occurs when the offline mode abruptly appears by default while opening MS Outlook even if the Internet is connected. Thus, the benefits of this application may get hampered.

There are several reasons for this problem. The changes in the settings of MS Outlook 2003 may be the problem. The malware or the virus infection may be the other problem. One more reason is considered as the faulty software of MS Outlook 2003. If this offline starting problem continues, the user wants to switch the online mode as and when he enters the MS Outlook 2003. The destroyed or damaged data files of Microsoft Outlook mail client can also be considered as one reason.

Tips to Solve
MS Outlook Recovery Toolbox is the software for restoring destroyed or damaged data files of Microsoft Outlook mail client. Outlook stores its data in PST or OST files; these files normally contain messages, contacts, tasks, notes, appointments, and journals. Outlook Recovery Toolbox reads the damaged PST or OST file, identifies and restores information in the file appropriately. It is recommended to check MS Outlook settings and correct if any undesirable ones are there.

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