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Manage Duplicate Contacts in Thunderbird

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Mozilla Thunderbird is an e-mail client just like Microsoft Outlook express. There are many tools available in Mozilla Thunderbird which will help the user for importing e-mails, address book, settings from the old e-mail program to Mozilla Thunderbird. There are many features in the Mozilla Thunderbird. The Mozilla Thunderbird will allow the user to add people to the address book of Mozilla Thunderbird very quickly and easily. Duplicate contacts are an issue that occur with the Mozilla Thunderbird. When the user tries to synchronize the contacts in the address book of any websites like social networking etc. there is a chance for duplication. Duplication can also occur when the users go for importing the contacts. When something goes wrong with the synchronizing or importing. Mozilla Thunderbird creates independent databases that are not linked together and create duplication.

Discussed below are some ways to remove the duplicate contacts in Mozilla Thunderbird:

  • Using duplicate Contact Manager
  • Using software
  • Ways to manage duplicate contacts in Mozilla Thunderbird

Using Duplicate Contact Manager
The duplicate Contact Manager is an add-on which will help the user to find and delete the duplicate contact in Mozilla Thunderbird. For doing this, open the address book in Mozilla Thunderbird. Now click on the duplicate menu which is newly added. Then, select ‘find and manage duplicate entry’. The duplicate contact manager add-on will compare the variables like name that is displayed, first and second name etc. If there is a match occurs then it will display the list and the user can do whatever he wants.

Ways to Manage Duplicate Contacts in Mozilla Thunderbird
MozBackup is software which will create new address book and give a new name for it. Now select all the entries in your old address book by clicking ‘CTRL+A’. Now press on ctrl and drag and drop the entries into the new address book that you have created. Now delete all the messages in the address book. Now restart the thunderbird and take the address book menu once again. Now as done earlier select all messages from the new address book and drag and drop them into the personal address book. Now you can use the recreated address book by restarting Mozilla Thunderbird again.

Using software
The easiest way to get rid of duplicate contact in the Mozilla Thunderbird is by using the duplicate contact manager which is a Mozilla Thunderbird extension or add-on. This add-on will show two contacts as duplicate pair and it will allow the use to decide what to do with that pairs. Other third party software are also available for managing the duplicate contacts in Thunderbird. The user just has to download that software and it will do the rest for the user.

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